Learn Sri Suktam

Chanting for Abundance:
Learn Sri Suktam

A Vedic Hymn to Laxshmi

Tuesday September 8th
6:15 pm to 8:45 pm
$27 in advance/$36 at the door –Includes Puja

The Sri Suktam is a melodious hymn that attracts the golden light of prosperity and helps set energetic pathways in us to receive greater abundance. It describes the glory and compassion of the nourishing aspect of the Divine Mother know as Lakshmi. This beautiful hymn invites Lakshmi into our hearts and our lives, chanting it surrounds us with light and eliminates material and spiritual poverty. In addition to learning how to chant it, we will explore literal, spiritual and tantric interpretation of the meaning of this text that is at the heart of Goddess worship. Preregster: $27

Laxshmi Puja Only—8pm
Suggested Puja Donation $9