Siri Jyoti - Community Empowerment

Community Empowerment

A Siri Jyoti was performed in Portland, Oregon on Friday 8/28/2015 for VaraLakshmi Vratam. If you are interested in hosting a Siri Jyoti program in your home and/or healing space please contact Colin. Typically the rite is performed on New or Full moon, however Tuesdays, Fridays and other times are also auspicious. A Siri Jyoti can also be prformed as part of a wedding ceremony. The same puja can also be performed in a simpler way with drawing the chakra. Contact Colin for details.
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Typical Siri Jyoti Puja

Please bring one bouquet each of a single type (not a mixed bouquet, roses or chrysanthemums preferred).

5 pm DRAW THE SRI YANTRA: We gather in community, draw the Sri Chakra as a group, decorate it with the grains representing the 9 planets and flowers.
We gather as a kuala (tantric community) around the central yantra we have created and decorated as a group. We call upon the forces of the cosmos, first the celestial lights of Fire, Sun and Moon, followed by the wild aspects of the five elements, then followed by the forces that control them. We bring these forces into our bodies, from the base to the crown. Then we invoke the grace to flow down into us, sweet speech as Saraswati in the mouth, love as Lakshmi in the heart, pleasure as Devi in the genitals, etc... Now that our vessel has been cleansed and purified we transfer our own divine energies into center of the chakra where they are energized and amplified and receive worship by the group. If 20 of us each put in one unit of energy, we each receive 20 units back! We select a willing participant to embody Divine Mother for the evening, then we invoke Divine Mother’s presence into this vessel that has now been prepare to hold this energy.