Public pujas are usuallity offered on hindu holidays. On these secial days the astrological forces are conductive to certain rhythms being more effecive as these times. the type and focus of these rituals is whatever best matches the rhythm of these special days. A variety of pujas are available as part of an event or festival, for a group, family or for individual transformation or astrological remedy.

Please see the Empowerment section for indepth one one one work for individuals and or couples. Please visit the Siri Jyoti page for a group empowerment sessions.

Small Groups

Introductory Satsang and Lakshmi Puja

A ritual for cultivating abundance and an informal talk with Colin about the practices of Tantra.

Shiva & Shakti Puja

During this facilitated puja we will energize, balance, and honor the male and female energies in us all.

Yoga Nidra

During this led session we will circulate awareness through the body creating an increased state of receptivity, gently activate kundalini and access the chakras for deep healing.

Maha Mritunjaya Mantra Healing Circle

As a group we will create an energetic mandala and practice the most powerful mantra from the vedas for healing, both our self and loved ones.



Fire Ritual for empowerment, abundance, and healing–Ganapati, Lakshmi, and Shiva. Please bring 2-4 pieces of fresh fruit and a bouquet of flowers (gathered or bought) as offerings, as well as your spiritual items to be blessed at the ceremony. Participants will have an opportunity to offer bundles of sacred offerings into the fire.

Krishna/Radha Puja

During the Krishna/Radha puja we connect to our partner through offering flower petals to the chakras of our partner which is the same as offering them to ourselves. With each offering we our also forgiving our selves and our past partners, clearing out whatever we are holding onto from past relationships. This process can deepen and support the love between a couple. If this ritual is performed within one’s own self, all offerings made to one’s own chakras, it can be a powerful vehicle for opening to and calling in new love. Powerful chants are vibrated into each chakra with offering, creating a unique energetic experience.

NOTE: Please bring 6-12 red or white roses of any size. Men will offer red petals, Women white , singles can partner up or offer both colors to their own chakras – once offered the colors are mixed and offered together.


"What we interpret as Death is actually Cosmic Awareness, and what we interpret as Life is Cosmic Death. These are the functions of the two creators, Shiva and Shakti. They are co-creators, possessing equal potency and equal powers. That is the Shiva-Shakti identity."
~ Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati

Ganesha Chaturti

We gather as a kaula (tantric community), create and empower the central yantra for Ganesha. We then build a fire kunda (sacred pit) over the yantra and perform a powerful ritual for Ganesha, The Planets, The Constellations, The Yoginis and The seats of power that make up the universe.

Ganesha’s body was formed from the mixture of sandalwood and chix pea paste His Mother removed from Her own body during Her bath. His body literally comes from Her and He embodies Her divine Shakti and is the ruler of the planets. When carving a granite Ganesha the sculpture uses a neutral stone, neither male nor female (determined by sound stone makes according to it’s ferrous oxide content). As Ganesha is beyond the concept of gender and is the primordial force located in our root chakra.

This ritual will also serve as the PRANAPRATISTHA or enlivening ritual for a very special set of planetary lingams made of the gemstones for each planet. In lieu of the suggested donation you have an opportunity to sponsor and take home gemstone prasadam in the form of Ganeshas, Lingams and Sri Chakras made of various gem stones and energized at this ritual. Please find this list of sponsorships on the GoFundMe page for the Planetary Lingams. Don’t miss this rare opportunity! WWW.GOFUNDME.COM/GEMLINGAMS