Personal Empowerment (Kalaavahanam) sessions by appointment


During this tantric empowerment ritual we bring mantra and energized touch into the internal switches of the petals of the chakras. By bringing specific energies into the body in sequence we turn on, or brighten these locations. We bringing in the celestial lights of Fire, Sun and Moon. We then call in the wild aspects of the five elements, then the forces that control them into the appropriate chakras. During this process we empower creativity, pleasure, healing, love and the powers of communication across space and time. We then give a ritual bath with mantras. This is very empowering, and many people go into trance-like state right then. The recipient is worshipped with flowers and turmeric concluding the ritual. The entire puja can be done clothed or it can also be done nude at the choice and conscious consent of the receiver. This empowerment will unfold over the next few days and can be a powerfully transformative experience.

Kalaavahanam is is a form of Sri Chakra Puja where the recepient's body in gross, subtle and causal form is the Sri Chakra. The 3 Dimensional form of the Sri Chakra, the Meru with it's layers coresponds to the chakra and aspects of the human body. The process of Kalaavahanam is actually the same process used to enliven the God/Goddess murthi (spiritual statue) in the temple. The same process that bring divine life into the inner sanctum of a temple, is performed to instill divine life into the recepients body.

Colin will be the facilitator of the ritual empowerment, and a local host or (your) partner may also attend and assist at the recipient’s request.

Advanced Empowerment Series: The There is a basic kalaavahanam ritual that is performed regularly at the Kamahkya peetham in Devipuram. It is a condensed form, Guruji recomends that people receive at least 7 times, if not the recomended 27 times. The version I usually perform is expanded and often has much more potent results that the standard ritual. However there is an advanced series of rituals that is much expanded, each one focusing on a specific chakra and spectrum of Goddess energy. I like to work through these 7 rituals with people in India at Devipuram over a period of 10 days - 2 weeks of concentrated study/practice, away from the distractions of daily life. However they can be performed over time or individually here in the US. This is only available to people who have at least received the basic ritual once and should be discussed with me in person.

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