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Sanskrit Terminolgy in Puja

March 24th, 2016

I have always said that puja is like coding. You must learn how to frame your request, to get the result that you want. As I sit here studying design patterns and digesting the jargon that I need to know too be able to communicate with other developers and discuss these principles intelligently. I liken it the need to understand sanskrit in regards to puja. Students often complain about the use of Sanskrit terminology, however puja without Sanskrit is like programming without jargon. So much can be communicated quickly with the right nama. It is like any other science, one must learn the lingo to be effective. During my time at Devipuram I was able to grasp and understand complex ideas quickly, because I was able to understand the terminology, especially when my teachers language was Telegu and mine English, we could understand each other clearly and precisely through Sanskrit terms. Puja is such a compressed science and you have to take the time to learn the code to be effective. It takes a commitment, a life long one with consistency, not with stops and starts.

Oral Tradition in Modern Times

March 6th, 2016

It really bothers my when people ask me to email or record things that were taught to me orally. Oral traditions are taught that way FOR A REASON. The pace of modern life is a reason to hold on to tradition more, not sacrifice it.

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The Spirit of Sponsorship

August 26th, 2015

I’d like to take a moment to discuss this perspective of sponsorship versus our western perspective of payment for service. An authentic Hindu ritual is an offering, many items and intimate services are offered during the ritual. Flowers, clothes, jewlery, food, scents, lights, etc… It is not that the divine needs these things from us, but through making these offerings what we are truly offering is our love. How do you quantify love? How do you quantify service? Joseph Campbell tells a story of a tribe in the South Pacific where the currency was huge boulders. How does this represent currency? If you were respected enough in the community to be able to get enough people to help you exchange these boulders, which was the true wealth behind the boulder currency, not the boulders themselves. So in puja we make these offering that represent our love, and in these acts we are establishing intimacy with the divine. Washing the feet, anointing with oils, feeding be hand etc… The best is offering into the fire were the offerings are completely consumed and truly offered. By these simple acts we are consciously sowing seeds that we will reap many fold. For the divine we are offering too is only the highest essence of ourselves.

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The Essence of Chakra Puja

August 3rd, 2015

This puja has three main sections, after drawing the chakra, that cause a succession of transformations in it's participants. It is call Navaarana Puja, aravana is also know as a veil or layer, as in succession it removes the veils of illusion that cause you to perceive your self as separate from God.

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Being an ideal student

August 2rd, 2015

I want to share this article because it highlights two very important points. It is not from my tradition, nor does it present the points in the same light as I would like to share them. However it does highlight these points in an important way. I have my own version of this article already brewing in my head and it was nice to see this fall under my noise, making the same points.

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